Fire & Rescue Academy

The Fire & Rescue Academy at FeuReX offers a number of different and customized training courses, a huge and extensive core collection of practical and strategic training with the scope of all-hazards preparedness, planning and operational safety. The catalogue of the FeuReX Fire & Rescue Academy of course addresses fundamental and emerging training issues affecting the emergency management and response community. These essential training programs augment local level training programs and expand skill development opportunities for enhanced preparedness, education and knowledge, to prepare participants for the increasing challenges and demands of their assignments.

Our primary mission is focused on improved incident management and operational safety for all responders and support personnel. In the emergency response community it is commonly recognized that training, education and skill development has a significant impact on emergency management effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. The instructors of FeuReX have translated that into a lifelong commitment to share their experience, facilitating excellence in training opportunities and deliveries and executing change management in their respective areas of specialization.

The FeuReX Fire & Rescue Academy provides training services within its highly acclaimed specialized training series based on the German Fire Service Regulations which meet or exceed German and European recognized industry standards. We present our clients a core collection of catalog courses as well as client-tailored and designed courses for delivery at your facility, workplace, administrative center, or training institution. Our course offerings can be delivered in a variety of settings including conventional classrooms, seminars, conferences or lecture halls, auditoriums, or conventions. You can be confident that our nationally acclaimed staff of instructors will provide a richly rewarding and gratifying educational experience. Many of the Fire & Rescue Academies´ courses can be modified or enhanced to provide site-specific or agency-specific attributes, protocols or local and regional practices.

The entire FeuReX Leadership Team has realized career-long commitments and contributions toward improving the strategic, tactical, and operational capabilities of their clients and students through excellence in training for educational development, and the transfer of knowledge.