Special Tasks & Instructions

FeuReX holds its own live fire training centre – this emphasises the consulting capabilities of the company.
Thus it will be possible to guide the instructions throughout the different levels of staff.
We refer towards a high effective monolithic system of Fire Service instruction.

The Live Fire Training Centre claims the title of foremost solid fuel fired installation in Germany for Fire Service instruction. The core competencies are being issued within a special catalogue.

Specialists from diffenent fiels of Industrial Fire Services are working hand in hand at FeuReX. The competencies are being brought together and an unique admix develops - Empowering the company to refer towards itself as Fire and Rescue Experts.

Differentiation inside the market is the availability of a syllabus of instruction throughout all common fields of Fire Service instruction, i.e.

Tactical View

  • Special Operations Management
  • Aviation affairs
  • Refinery Fires
  • High Rise affairs
  • Ships on fire
  • Industrial Fire Fighting
  • Warehouses on Fire
  • Search & Rescue

Academic View

  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Experimental Lectures & Studies